Neuro-Electronics Research Flanders

Sebastian Haesler, PhD

Principal Investigator, NERF / VIB
Assistant Professor, KU Leuven
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Research Areas

  • reinforcement learning
  • novelty processing
  • mesoscopic connectivity of neuromodulatory brain circuits

Research Summary

Learning and Decision-Making

Although we are usually not aware of it, our brains permanently generate expectations about the world around us. Our central nervous system is highly sensitive to when these expectations are violated or when something new happens, that was not predicted at all. There are many instances in which it seems useful or even necessary for survival to respond to such sudden changes in the environment. Research in my lab focuses on two of those instances. First we study how prediction error signals are generated, which drive learning from reward and punishment. Second, we investigate the neural mechanism underlying novelty detection and behavioral novelty responses. Click for more