Neuro-Electronics Research Flanders


Principal Investigator, NERF / VIB

Research Areas

• Motor circuit assembly and function during development and repair after neurotrauma
• Sensory feedback circuits and their roles in motor control
• Motor-learning


• quantitative kinematic analyses
• virus-mediated circuit tracing and functional manipulations
• opto- and pharmacogenetics
• electrophysiology

Research summary

The central question of the Takeoka lab is how animals generate and control motor behavior in health and disease. Specifically, the Takeoka lab studies the mechanisms of circuit assembly, function and plasticity that lead to motor learning using a multi-disciplinary approach including detailed motor kinematic assessments, mouse genetics, viral tracing and manipulation, optogenetic, pharmacogenetic, electrophysiological, and imaging techniques.
Currently, the lab focuses on how different types of sensory feedback circuits control repetitive and complex motor behavior, with a primary focus on somatosensory and visual feedback