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Timothy Harris

Director of the Applied Physics and Instrumentation Group
Janelia Farm Research Campus, USA

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Tim Harris received his Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from Purdue University, Indiana, US, in 1978.  Afterwards, he worked for 18 years at Bell Labs, Murray Hill, NJ, where he among other things collaborated with Lou Brus on characterization of quantum dots and with Eric Betzig on tapered fiber probes for Near-Field Microscopy. In 1996, Harris started at Seq Ltd. a small biotech startup in Princeton, NJ, leading there a team that invented and developed a high throughput confocal fluorescence microscope. Harris moved to Helicos Biosciences in 2004 as the founding technical employee where 4 years later his team reported the first single molecule DNA sequence data. Since 2008, Tim Harris has been a Group Leader at HHMI Janelia Farm and the Director of the Applied Physics and Instrumentation Group, an in-house group for neuroscience measurements research and development. More info here.

Timothy Harris supports NERF as member of the Scientific Advisory Board since 2014.

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