Neuro-Electronics Research Flanders

NERF director participates in ‘Science in public’ debate at KU Leuven

06 February 2013

On Tuesday, 5 February, NERF Director Emre Yaksi participated in a public debate with Dr. Rita Carter. Dr. Carter is a New York based science writer, lecturer and broadcaster who received an honorary doctorate from KU Leuven.

Dr. Carter contributes greatly to a broad public understanding of the complex domain of brain research. She received the honorary doctorate for “her efforts to share complex material with the wider public and for her participation in the public discourse. The university acknowledges the importance of quality science journalism and Dr. Carter's work engages and encourages non-specialists to take a real interest in science.”

Dr. Yaksi pointed out that the ability to communicate science in an exciting way is key to secure the place of science in society and to science funding. He also emphasized that truthfulness is a very important aspect in that communication. He requested to make communication a more important aspect in the training of the next generation of scientists.

For a transcript of the debate, please click here