Neuro-Electronics Research Flanders

Meet us at Neuroscience 2017!

10 November 2017

A large NERF delegation is on its way to Washtington DC for the annual SfN meeting. The world’s largest neuroscience conference for scientists and physicians starts tomorrow and runs until Nov 15th.

We'll be presenting a ton of results, do stop by at our posters and join our talks. Check out our abstracts and find out when and where we'll be presenting:

Spontaneous rapid odor source localization behavior requires interhemispheric communication (Haesler lab)

Stimulus direction biases arousal and responses in the mouse visual system (Bonin lab)

Locomotion impacts early visual response amplitudes but not their tuning (Bonin lab)

An inhomogeneous direction selective map in the superior colliculus (Farrow lab)

Area specialization of feature selectivity in the mouse visual cortex (Bonin lab)

Hippocampus is necessary for intact retrosplenial place cell activity (McNaughton lab)

Post-experience hippocampal memory processing is modulated by experienced reward (Kloosterman lab)

Functional ultrasound imaging (fUSi) for ultra-early assessment of tissue infarction in preclinical stroke research (Urban lab)

Whole-brain functional ultrasound imaging in awake mice reveals the brain regions processing retina-encoded visual motion (Urban lab)