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KU Leuven in top 5 of world’s most innovative universities

06 October 2017

KU Leuven ranks fifth in the Reuters world ranking of most innovative universities, which was
published today. KU Leuven is the highest ranked non-American institution in the list. Stanford
University, MIT, and Harvard score a podium finish.

In May, Reuters had already announced that KU Leuven gets to call itself Europe’s most innovative
university for the second time in a row (
tops-reuters-ranking-of-europes-most-innovative-universities). A new Reuters ranking now shows
that the university belongs to the European as well as the global elite. KU Leuven ranks fifth – four
places higher than last year. Only the following American universities have a better reputation for
innovation: Stanford University, MIT, Harvard, and University of Pennsylvania.
Reuters describes KU Leuven as follows: “The highest ranked university outside the US, Belgium’s KU
Leuven (#5), is a nearly 600-year-old institution that maintains one of the largest independent research
and development organisations on the planet.”
The ranking takes into account ten parameters related to research output. These include articles in
scientific journals as well as patent applications, which a university can use to protect and
commercialise its research results.
“This result is an incentive,” says Rector Luc Sels. “It indicates that our university is not just a place for
intellectual debate, research-driven education and ground-breaking fundamental research, but that we
also contribute a great deal to innovation and valorisation, and, as such, to the socioeconomic
development of our society.
Making up the top 5 together with Stanford, MIT, Harvard, and University of Pennsylvania motivates us
to focus on our strengths even more: the combination of fundamental and applied research, supported
by KU Leuven Research & Development – a world-class tech transfer office.”