Neuro-Electronics Research Flanders

Katja Reinhard has been awarded an INCOMING [PEGASUS]² Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship and a non-stipendiary EMBO Longterm Fellowship

30 January 2017

Katja Reinhard, Postoctoral Scientist at Farrow Lab, has been awarded has been awarded an INCOMING [PEGASUS]² Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship (collaboration between FWO and Horizon 2020) and a non-stipendiary EMBO...

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FWO doctoral scholarship for Elke Vermandere

03 January 2017

Congratulations to NERF fellow Elke Vermandere who was awarded a strategic basic research doctoral scholarship from the FWO in a collaborative project together with Lut Arckens (KUL). Elke will use...

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Dun Mao successfully defended his PhD thesis

19 December 2016

NERF fellow and Bonin lab member Dun Mao successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Neural Correlates of Sensation and Navigation in the Retrosplenial Cortex" at the University of Lethbridge on...

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Neuronus 2016 awards for NERF students

05 May 2016

The Neuronus IBRO & IRUN Neuroscience Forum is an annual conference at the Jagiellonien University in Krakow (Poland) for young researchers from diverse sub-disciplines of neuroscience. Organized by a team...

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Alexandre Pouget to receive Andrew Carnegie Prize in Mind and Brain Sciences

26 April 2016

The Carnegie Mellon University will award the fourth annual Andrew Carnegie Prize in Mind and Brain Sciences to NERF Scientific Advisory Board member Alexandre Pouget. Alexandre...

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FWO funds three NERF research projects

01 January 2016

The Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) awarded three project grants to NERF researchers for the research period 2016-2019.  The projects of NERF principal investigators Vincent Bonin, Karl Farrow and Fabian...

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New insights into link between taste and behavior

07 December 2015

​Evolutionary conserved brainstem circuits are the first relay for gustatory information in the vertebrate brain. While the brainstem circuits act as our life support system and they mediate vital taste...

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Alpha-Synuclein Protein Aggregation in Parkinson’s Disease

24 June 2015

Researchers of the Laboratory for Neurobiology and Gene Therapy, KUL, of the Paris-Saclay Institute of Neuroscience, CNRS, and of the Theoretical Neurobiology and Neuroengineering Laboratory, University Antwerp, among those NERF...

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Emre Yaksi chosen as FENS-Kavli Scholar

09 January 2015

FENS (The Federation of European Neuroscience Societies) and The Kavli Foundation have announced the first FENS-Kavli Scholars – 20 young European neurosciencists chosen for the excellence of their research, as...

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Karl Farrow receives Swiss OphthAWARD

05 September 2013

At this year’s annual meeting of the Swiss Society of Ophthalmology (SOG-SSO), which took place in Locarno last week, Karl Farrow was awarded the Swiss OphthAWARD in the...

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ERC Starting Grant for Emre Yaksi

26 August 2013

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded NERF Principal Investigator Emre Yaksi a Starting Grant for his work on the senses of smell and taste. The project aims at unraveling...

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Sebastian Haesler wins Career Development Award

11 April 2013

NERF Group Leader Sebastian Haesler receives a Career Development Award of the Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP). The HFSP supports innovative and interdisciplinary basic research focused on the complex mechanisms...

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Emre Yaksi receives FENS EJN Young Investigator Award 2014

31 March 2013

The FENS Young Investigator Award is a biennial prize. It is given in recognition of outstanding scientific work in all areas of neuroscience to a young researcher (under the age...

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Young Investigator Grant for NERF Group Leader

25 March 2013

Newly arrived NERF member Sebastian Haesler received a Brain & Behavior Research Foundation 2012 NARSAD Young Investigator Grant from the New York, USA-based nonprofit organization. The Brain & Behavior Research...

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