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Aya Takeoka secures 2017-2020 ERA-NET NEURON grant

21 November 2016


Aya Takeoka secures 2017-2020 ERA-NET NEURON transnational consortium grant on “External Insults to the Nervous System”

Aya Takeoka (VIB/KU Leuven, consortium coordinator) teams up with Magdalena Goetz (Germany), Francesco Roselli (Germany), Marco Tripodi (UK) and Daniel Wojcik (Poland) with an aim to unravel structural, cellular and biochemical changes after traumatic brain injury and how those changes influence sensorimotor recovery.

The consortium grant empowers combining multidisplinary expertise of participating labs to provide translational insights for diagnosis and therapeutic intervention.

We look forward to hearing about exceptional work by the Takeoka lab and partners on discoveries and progress in traumatic brain injury research.