Neuro-Electronics Research Flanders

Bachelor’s and Master’s Program

Undergraduate Students

NERF hosts Belgian and international undergraduate students for short-term (3 weeks) and long-term (up to 6-9 months) internships. Students take part in research activities in NERF labs and are directly supervised by the top-notch NERF team.

KU Leuven and imec internship programs are in place to provide undergraduate students opportunities at NERF labs. Moreover, NERF labs have direct contacts to several universities abroad.
You wish to join as an undergraduate student? Please contact the NERF Principal Investigators directly to learn more about the ongoing research at NERF.

Master's Students

NERF welcomes Master's students from all around the world. Master’s students are fully embedded in NERF teams and they are trained in state of the art methods in neuroscience (e.g. design and use of high density neuroprobes, functional imaging, optogenetics). NERF welcomes Master’s students from a wide range of disciplines such as physics, biology, engineering or computer sciences. Interested in joining us? Please contact NERF Principal Investigators directly.