Neuro-Electronics Research Flanders


Daily management of NERF is in the hands of the NERF Management Committee composed of the NERF group leaders. The Management Committee is responsible for the scientific, logistic, administrative, personnel and financial management of NERF, including the central NERF facilities. On a rotating basis, one of the group leaders will take on the role of the spokesperson (“director”). The director chairs the Management Committee and represents NERF within the three founders and at the Inter-Institutional Board meetings.

Since January 2015, Sebastian Haesler serves as NERF director.

Management Committee - October 2016:
From left to right: Alan Urban, Fabian Kloosterman, Vincent Bonin, Aya Takeoka, Sebastian Haesler, Karl Farrow

The management committee is supported by an operations coordinator, who is responsible for the practical implementation of management decisions. Together with a dedicated administration and lab support team, the operations coordinator makes sure that NERF runs smoothly.